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Chapter 13.4: Promises

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography Let me tell you something about Carlin– She can be pretty confusing when she’s just around me and the others, but when it comes to talking to adults, it’s like seeing Mr. Hyde transform into Dr. … Continue reading

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Chapter 13.3: Promises

Photo by Smaku Morning didn’t come fast enough. I had wanted to put Kento in my room, cramped as it already was, but Carlin pointed out the possibility that he may not recall anything about being possessed, and so suddenly waking … Continue reading

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Chapter 13.2: Promises

Photo by Vicburton You’d think I’d have woken up from my ejection from the spirit world screaming bloody murder. Actually, I just sort’ve…opened my eyes. I even laid there for five minutes wondering if what I saw was real or something … Continue reading

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