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Chapter 11.2: Family

Photo by varineq Halfway through Slipknot’s Iowa, I got to school without decking anyone else. Explaining the situation to the authorities nearly made me lose my bus. They were going to charge me when I played the damsel-in-distress routine (turning … Continue reading

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Chapter 11.1: Family

Photo by MBK (Marjie) When we got home from Roppongi, the hour was late enough that both Fumiko and Kento were already asleep. We stood at the entrance, me behind my dad, my dad holding the keys to the house. … Continue reading

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Chapter 10.3: Guidance

 Photo by Demipoulpe She started to fall all by her lonesome, but when she hit the ground, we BOTH felt it. She started doing the shakes, and everything hurt, from top to bottom, front to back. If I’d known that’d … Continue reading

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